10 Best Chocolate Truffles [Recipes+Video]

These 10 Best Chocolate Truffles Are Just Amazing

These 10 best chocolate truffles have the amazing taste of handmade fresh chocolates.

They are perfect for giving away as a gift. As you are making the chocolate truffles yourself, you can save quite a bit of money.

The 10 chocolate truffle recipes that are included are:

  • cookies and cream truffles
  • chocolate covered honeycomb
  • smores truffles
  • Oreo truffles
  • chocolate coated nougat
  • banana truffles
  • pumpkin spice truffles
  • cheesecake truffles
  • wasabi chocolates
  • liquor truffles

The chef behind these 10 amazing chocolate truffles is Ann Reardon over at How To Cook That.

You can access the full recipes for all these wonderful chocolate truffles from How To Cook That. To access the complete truffle recipes, please click here: 10 Chocolate Truffle Recipes.

Anne has also made a great video tutorial. In the tutorial, she shows you how to make these 10 elicious chocolate truffles.

Watch the video and see how Ann makes these lovely handmade chocolate truffles!