Zoo Animals Cupcakes [Video Tutorial]

Make A Menagerie Of Fun Zoo Animals Cupcakes

Kids will go wild when they see these adorable zoo animals cupcakes. These cupcakes with animal faces are perfect for a jungle themed birthday party.

Liv Hansen has made a great video tutorial for Betty Crocker kitchens. Liv is a professional baker and author.

In this video tutorial, Liv will show you how to decorate cupcakes to look like a monkey, a tiger, a lion and finally a zebra.

If you are looking for a good vanilla cupcake to use for this menagerie of zoo animals, you can find one here: Basic Vanilla Cupcakes.

You will also need some frosting in different colors. If you are looking to make your own buttercream frosting, here is a great recipe you can use as a base for coloring: The Perfect Buttercream Frosting

Watch this great video tutorial and see Liv make these fun animal cupcakes!